Podcasting is on the rise and a number of marketers have started to create podcasts but there are a number of common mistakes they are making that affects the quality of the recording, the content that they are discussing and the number of listeners that they have. Here we will talk about the most common podcasting mistakes.

Podcast too General

Some podcasters are not specific with the topics that they discuss on their podcasts. This doesn’t provide much value to the listeners who are looking for answers to specific questions in a niche. If you just create a general ramble about anything and everything then you will not attract many listeners or keep them.

You need to choose a specific niche and discuss a specific subject in that niche for each podcast. Don’t be afraid to go specific – this is what your audience wants and they will thank you for it by returning to your next podcast and spreading the word for you.

Not Facing the Microphone

This is another common problem. You are listening to a podcast and suddenly the volume of the speech drops off and then returns. Sometimes this happens several times in a single podcast.

What this usually means is the person delivering the podcast is not speaking directly into the microphone when the volume drops. They have turned their head away for some reason and have not realized that this has affected the recording. This can happen if you are following a script. Place the script in a position where you don’t have to turn your head to read it.

Lots of Errors in Recordings

Nothing will irritate your listeners more than a ton of mistakes in your podcasts. This can be anything from coughs and sneezes to heavy breathing to distracting background noises. There is really no excuse for this. With the equipment and software available today the home podcaster can produce near-perfect professional recordings.

When you have finished recording your podcast you must listen to it intently from start to finish. You may think that it went perfectly but it probably didn’t. Not many podcasters enjoy editing their recordings but you must do this to provide the best podcasting experience for your listeners.


There are a lot of ramblers out there who think that it is fine to record their rambles and make them into podcasts. Experts in their subjects believe that they can just sit in front of the microphone and deliver a perfect podcast by winging it. This rarely works out well and when it turns into a ramble you start to lose your audience.

The best way to avoid a ramble is to create a script. This can either be a full script or a script containing the important points that you want to cover. Make your podcasts to the point and easy to listen to.

Echoes with Interviews

Interviews conducted using Skype or some other online call app can often have an annoying echo. This is normally because you have listened to the caller using the speakers in your computer rather than headphones.

Use headphones for all of your podcast recording work. You can hear how everything sounds in real-time and make any necessary adjustments. Don’t publish key online interviews that echo like crazy.

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