If you want to be successful with your podcasting then you need to be consistent. Your listeners will expect you to publish new podcasts on a regular basis and you will disappoint them if you don’t do this.

Not only that but you need to provide your listeners with the very best content that will help them to achieve their goals. The best podcasts are always planned and this is relatively easy for you to do.

You may hear some people tell you that the very best podcasts are created through “winging it”. This means that you create your podcasts on the fly without any planning or scripting. We believe that this will not produce the best podcasts as you are likely to forget some important points that you want to make due to the pressure of the recording situation.
Not only that, but podcasts created without a script tend to be full of mumbling with lots of “ums” and “ahs”. Your audience does not want to hear this kind of podcast. When you are just starting out it is especially important to plan your podcasts.

Using a Script for your Podcasts

It is really worth taking the time to write a script for your podcasts. When you are just starting out we recommend that you produce a full script that includes everything that you are going to say. When you use a full script like this you will not miss anything important and there should be a lot less mumbling.

The only downside with a full script is it can kill spontaneity. After a while of practicing with a full script, you will soon get used to adding spontaneous elements to your podcasts and letting your personality shine through.

The alternative to a full script is a “prompt” script. This is a script that just contains a series of pointers or prompts about what you need to talk about in your podcast. Once you have recorded a few podcasts using a full script you can try a prompt script to see how well you do with it.

Plan your Podcast Content

You need a plan of what you are going to cover in your podcasts. It should always be your aim to provide solutions to the problems that people are experiencing in your niche. If you need to conduct some research to answer these questions correctly then make sure that you do this.
The best podcasts always provide value to the listeners. If you stop doing that then you will lose your listener base so it is essential that you determine what subject you will discuss for each podcast and add value by providing useful tips and advice to your listeners.

Use a Calendar App to Plan and Organize

There is a reason why companies have used editorial calendars for many years – they work! So we recommend that you use a calendar to organize the content and recording of your podcasts. There are many calendar apps available but one of the best ones to use is Google Calendar.

Google Calendar is free and you can use it to specify when you need to research and create the content for your podcast. You can add descriptions and notes to calendar events and you can even attach files. Remember that you need to adhere to a regular publishing schedule so using a calendar app will help you to do this.

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