Every time that you create a podcast you will need to store them somewhere online so that your listeners can get access to them. When a listener accesses your podcast they will either download it to listen to it offline or they will stream it online. Podcasting files can be fairly large and once you have a lot of them you need a good hosting solution.

Why you shouldn’t use your Web Host

If you have a web hosting account for your website then it is likely that they offer unlimited disk space as part of the package. The problem here is that most web hosts allow unlimited disk space for web files only. A podcast is an MP3 file which is an audio file and most web hosting companies will not classify this as a web file.

Ignoring this fact can get you into a lot of trouble. Web hosts frequently issue warnings about excessive use of disk space and if you ignore this then you can have your account suspended. If this happens then nobody will be able to access your website or blog or your podcasts!

Podcast Hosting is a better solution

A podcast hosting service is all about hosting MP3 and other audio files used for podcasting. They are optimized for this task and have a number of advantages. You can store audio files of all sizes using a podcast hosting account. Here are some of the major benefits of using a podcast hosting service:

Podcast RSS Feed

When you set up your podcasting on a podcast host they will provide you with an RSS podcast feed link. This RSS podcast link is compliant with all of the podcast directories and is a validated feed.

You may be wondering what the point of this podcast RSS feed is. Well, it makes submitting your podcasts to the directories very easy. All you have to do is to enter your RSS podcast feed link one time and then all of your individual podcasts are captured.

Whenever you upload a new podcast to your podcast hosting, your RSS podcast feed updates and notifies the directories where you have made a submission. Listeners of your podcasts will also receive automatic details about this new podcast too.

Podcast Metrics

Most podcast hosting services will be able to supply you with a number of different metrics about your podcasts. These will generally include the number of podcast downloads, the devices and apps your listeners used for your podcasts, sources of traffic to your podcasts, and the locations of your listeners.

Your own Podcast Page

A podcast host will enable you to create your own podcast page. This is great if you don’t have a website or blog and is still useful even if you have your own site. Use your page to include details about your podcasts, add your social media channels, your website link, podcast notes, banners for your podcasts, and more.

When people visit your podcast page they will be able to listen to your podcasts using the media player on the page or download them if they prefer to do that. They can also become subscribers to your podcasts on your podcast page.

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